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Where have the experienced Costa Mesa police officers gone?

Where have the experienced Costa Mesa police officers gone?

Here are the facts: since 2011 there have been 43 police officers who left the Costa Mesa Police Department. 17 moved to other local departments like Newport Beach, Irvine, and even Beverly Hills to work with our former Chief. We are down to 98 officers from 167 when I was previously on council. We are becoming a force that is almost entirely comprised of new inexperienced officers. It will take time to rebuild. We can’t recruit well trained lateral officers from other cities as replacements because experienced officers no longer see Costa Mesa Police Department as a destination department. The speciality divisions like K-9, Narcotics, Special Victims, Fraud, & Gang have all been either eliminated or reduced to one person who is also required to perform patrol duties due to the staffing shortage.

Why is it that other neighboring cities are not following this approach? It’s bad public policy. The majority actually believes what Righeimer said at the Eastside Forum: “You could double the police department and it wouldn’t impact crime… We would just all get more speeding tickets.” They believe we need to change the people who live in the city as the solution to prevent crime. They ignore that many of the burglaries and crimes against people occurring are perpetrated by out-of-towners — not residents.

It’s a real problem we have right now and they do not believe it. My family and neighbors have personal experience with the increased crime. We want it addressed. Immediately. The only real solution is change. Make Costa Mesa a Safe City for Families again.

Want positive change in the future?  Vote Katrina Foley and Jay Humphrey for City Council — the first step toward making Costa Mesa a SAFE CITY for families!

Katrina Foley & Sgt. Vic Bakkila

Katrina Foley & Sgt. Vic Bakkila during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2010


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