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The true picture of what “life would be like” under Foley

The true picture of what “life would be like” under Foley

In case it was unclear what “life would be like” under Foley, it would include more of what I have already accomplished in public service to you for the last 15 years: practical & thoughtful consideration of all projects & programs, conservative fiscal management of resources by eliminating wasteful spending & unnecessary legal expenses, collaborating with our employees to find solutions to reduce costs yet still provide fair compensation & quality services, and by prioritizing modernization & infrastructure projects that give value to our properties, and enhance neighborhoods & the quality of life for resident families.

I will promote & support our city motto with a meaningful arts focus on arts facilities & activities. I will continue to prioritize improvements to parks & athletic facilities for our families, affordable & quality senior housing options & activities, a thriving business district, partnerships with our business & travel partners to promote Costa Mesa as a tourist destination, enhancement to & support for our Newport Blvd motels & businesses to complement South Coast Plaza, SOCO, SOBECA, & Metro Point as a family oriented tourist destination near the OC Fair & Beaches. I will prioritize beautification & investment in infrastructure to support a bike trail system that travels from UCI to the beach, investment in & partnerships with our neighborhoods for entrance beautification & traffic calming projects, balanced & smart growth & development that considers traffic & parking & the quality of life for existing as well as future residents.

Katrina Foley at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Costa Mesa High School Performing Arts Center

Katrina Foley works hard to support the Costa Mesa motto with a meaningful focus on arts facilities and activities, especially for the children.

I will support & promote our thriving action sports industry businesses and try to build a skatepark on the Westside, support Harbor Blvd of Cars, protect passive open space, develop stronger partnerships with our schools, and protection of our neighborhoods, parks, schools, and businesses through appropriately staffed, educated, and quality police & fire who respect, care, and want to serve our community.

In addressing community concerns or conflicts, it’s human nature to take a side, but I will do my best not to demonize or favor any one group vs another, respect the resident concerns, listen, and always try to find the common ground. You may not always agree with my votes, but I will try to address and respond to you. Just drive down Fairview & look at the improvements accomplished in the last 4 years to CMHS to sense my vision for our community as a whole.

If it sounds like what you want for Costa Mesa, then please VOTE & TURN IN YOUR BALLOT TODAY or on Nov 4, post, share & volunteer to help us get out the vote. ~Katrina Foley


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