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Council Majority has let the residents of Costa Mesa down

Council Majority has let the residents of Costa Mesa down

If you have not yet read the commentary, written by Katrina Foley, titled Righeimer, council let city down on public safety, take a moment, click on the title link, and go read all the facts.  If you are only have a few more moments for reading, here are facts you need before going to the polls on November 4th:

“In just four years, the department’s complement of sworn officers has dwindled by nearly a third, from 147 in 2010 to less than 98 currently available for duty.

In reaction to this exodus of experienced and dedicated officers, the council majority instituted a hiring freeze for two years.

Now, people might expect that this would have an effect on crime in the city, and they would be right.

My home has been broken into twice since 2011, and my neighbors on either side have each been hit once.

Hundreds of Costa Mesans can tell similar stories. In 2012, 668 Costa Mesa homes were burgled, compared with 458 burglaries citywide in 2010. In the same two years, thefts rose from 2,454 to 3,050 in Costa Mesa, and auto thefts went from 282 to 361.

This occurred here while the national averages for those three crimes actually went down from 2010 to 2012.

For local comparison, I’ll point out that in the same period, burglaries in Newport Beach ticked up from 425 to 445, thefts were flat (1,617 to 1,611) and auto thefts showed a marked decline, from 134 to 95. Similarly, Huntington Beach burglaries went up slightly, from 767 to 797. Santa Ana actually showed a drop in burglaries in the period, from 1,116 to 1,032.” ~by Katrina Foley

There is a good reason that volunteers are on street corners all across the city urging voters to elect Jay Humphrey and Katrina Foley on Nov 4th — join them and  help start restoring the city and regaining a strong police force.  Vote for Humphrey and Foley!

Costa Mesa volunteers are spreading the word asking voters to elect Humphrey and Foley on Nov 4.

Voters, take back your city! Vote for Humphrey and Foley and NO on O at the polls.


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