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Where Costa Mesa City Council candidates Foley and Humphrey stand on the the charter

30 Oct Campaign News, Happening Now | Comments Off on Where Costa Mesa City Council candidates Foley and Humphrey stand on the the charter
Where Costa Mesa City Council candidates Foley and Humphrey stand on the the charter

Costa Mesa has a five person city council.  Two seats must be filled.  Costa Mesa voters must determine which two candidates are to fill those positions.  Voters must also decide if they want the new charter that will appear on the ballot.  The more informed Costa Mesa voter will, in this writers opinion, vote no on the charter — which accounts for all the signs around town urging voters to “Vote NO on O.”

If you read the Daily Pilots piece titled “3 questions: Where Costa Mesa City Council, Orange County Board of Supervisors and State Assembly candidates stand on the issues,” you already know where  Katrina Foley and Jay Humphrey stand on the charter (Measure O on the ballot), but for those of you that have not read, or maybe skimmed through the rather lengthy piece, we are replicating their positions here.

Katrina Foley The proposed charter takes control away from Costa Mesa citizens. It grants unbridled power to three politicians who have squandered our tax dollars on legal fees, enriched developers and crippled our police force.  They want freedom from the rule of law, not freedom from “Sacramento.” This charter is an even worse power grab than the 2012 version. This charter empowers three politicians to concoct laws benefiting special-interest groups (developers and contractors). This charter exposes us to fraud and corruption. This charter would cost millions in state funding for street improvements and public buildings. We would lose money, not save money.

Jay Humphrey I am against this charter. It is essentially the same as the one we defeated in 2012 by 60% to 40%. It provides no protections to the residents of Costa Mesa. The U.S. Constitution has the Bill of Rights to protect the citizens from the excess actions of their government. Why does this charter (the constitution of the city) have no such protections?

If you’d like more information about Measure O, we suggest reading Charles Mooney’s commentary titled City charter would allow rule of three published in the Daily Pilot August 23, 2014.  Mooney does an excellent job of explaining the dangers of giving the rule of the city over to three dominate votes on future City Council persons.

Elect Katrina Foley and Jay Humphrey, candidates for Costa Mesa City Council


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