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Foley for Mayor team of supporters and volunteers is growing stronger

24 Jan Campaign News | Comments Off on Foley for Mayor team of supporters and volunteers is growing stronger
Foley for Mayor team of supporters and volunteers is growing stronger

Elect Katrina Foley Mayor in November 2018Last night Katrina Foley supporters gathered at the Halecrest Swim & Tennis Club to learn more about her position on the issues facing Costa Mesa, to enjoy music and to have a good time in celebration of the Foley for Mayor 2018 campaign.

Most of the attendees at last evening’s event were already aware of Councilwoman Katrina Foley’s deep desire to served the residents and taxpayers of Costa Mesa as many of the attendees have been strong supporters for some time, but there were also many in attendance that were not aware of her strengths and her work as a public servant.

On hand to entertain attendees was Teak Zachary with his DJ services and special entertainment was provided by Sophia Dion with your beautiful singing voice.  Later in the evening Katrina remarked that “watching and knowing talented youth like both of them frames my vision and gives me the courage to persist!”  Foley is a strong supporter of the arts and is always touched when youthful talent is emerging in their respective fields.

John Stephens and Paul Freeman were both on hand to give the crowd a little background about candidate Foley, letting them know she was first elected to the City Council in 2004 and was reelected in 2008, then was elected to served on the Newport Mesa Unified School District, returning to the Costa Mesa City Council, as the highest vote getter, in 2016. Most attendees knew she served as Mayor and that she was one of the most effective leaders in Costa Mesa’s history.

While many were aware of how had she worked to restore the cities Public Safety Departments, making fighting crime the highest priority, most were more interested hearing about her fight against the proliferation of drug rehab businesses and her recent trip to Washington DC to sponsor laws to protect our neighborhoods and the value of our homes, as well as patient safety.

When Foley herself took the mic, she let the very diverse crowd know that she wants to hear from them and know what they feel needs to be accomplished by their community leaders.  When interviewed for this article, her campaign Treasurer, told me that “Katrina takes everyone calls and that if not immediately available, she returns calls as quickly as possible.”

Long term residents are aware that Foley has long advocated for improvements to schools, and resident benefits and protections. Most also know she will employ her legal skills when necessary.

If last night is any indication, it is clear momentum is building and new supporters are joining the ranks to elect Katrina Foley as Mayor in November. So, don’t hesitate to join Katrina’s wave by add your name here —>

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Foley for Mayor 2018 Supporters and Volunteers

Katrina Foley Supporters gaining strength

Katrina Foley support is growing rapidly

Support for Katrina Foley as Mayor is growing rapidly. Please join the campaign!


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