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I take my job as mayor and the issues impacting our city very seriously. During my two-year term as mayor, I have worked to make Costa Mesa safer, find solutions for homelessness, protect our environment and advocate for local jobs and small businesses. 

I will continue to advocate for sustainable solutions that protect our environment from climate change, work to fix our housing and homeless crisis, protect public education, increase access to health care, and bring justice to marginalized communities. I will partner with local cities, businesses and organizations to keep communities safe, improve neighborhoods, create jobs and maintain a prosperous and vibrant economy that works for everyone.

I strive to be a leader who listens to many voices to find common ground. I’ll include neighborhood leaders, working families, volunteers, women, labor advocates, business owners, and many more in order to improve our community. It is vital that we maintain new, bold, and forward-thinking leadership in Costa Mesa that will vigorously advocate on everyone’s behalf. I believe I am this person. 


I respectfully request your vote on November 3, 2020.

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