Protecting the Environment & Planning Our Future

Because of the urgent climate crisis and the Trump Administration’s outright assault on our environment, Orange County must continue to act to protect our future air and water quality. As Supervisor, Foley will fight to preserve our community's incomparable natural beauty, including defending our coastline from offshore drilling, protecting our sea wall, and defending our harbor & bay.


We must continue to lead the way on adapting to climate change, including investing more in clean, green, and renewable energy, such as wind and solar. Defending the environment and economic growth can go hand-in-hand, as these investments will enable us to protect our coastline from irreparable damage while creating a new generation of good-paying green-energy jobs.


We can also enhance fuel efficiency standards, increase infrastructure development for renewable fuels and electric vehicles, introduce innovative agricultural practices, incentivize zero-waste practices, and expand our public transit systems.


A few ways in which we might achieve our goals while prioritizing working-class communities are:


  • Making electric vehicles and charging stations more accessible to low-income and multi-family tenants.

  • Providing incentives to low-income households to install solar.

  • Using a regional approach to power distribution so we can maximize the amount of renewable energy on the grid.

  • Partnering with Congress and the airline industry to promote cleaner, quieter air travel. 


Foley is committed to ensuring that Orange County will continue to be a leader in environmental protection.

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