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Transparency and Accountability for Taxpayers

The Orange County Board of Supervisors oversees a massive $7.5 billion budget - and no one seems to know what they do! Orange County deserves better. I strongly believe transparency and accountability are crucial at every level of government, and I would prioritize communication with the cities and host community workshops with constituents to help hone priorities. 

As your Orange County Supervisor, I will:

Work directly with the cities in District 2 - hosting meetings and roundtable discussions with local city managers, superintendents, mayors, city councilmembers, and school board members to collaborate with them on the challenges facing our district. The primary job of the Board of Supervisors is to support the cities and residents, and I will take that responsibility very seriously.

I plan to hold monthly town hall meetings to hear about the issues impacting our communities and residents, and provide weekly pop up locations for constituent services. I believe community feedback and input is invaluable, and allows me to better understand the needs of our district. I also realize it can be inconvenient to travel to the Civic Center for resident services, so I will partner with local cities for weekly constituent service locations to increase access for all of our communities.

I will ensure taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly by increasing transparency when it comes to the county’s $7.5 billion budget.  An interactive budget tracking system for “budget to actual expenses” is the modern, transparent approach for local government.  We can do better and we must.

I will promote community engagement by educating Orange County residents on the services, funds, and resources the Board of Supervisors is responsible for overseeing through my weekly newsletters. 

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